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One of the most common aspect communication practiced around the world, negotiation is where parties attempt to resolve a dispute through discussions between themselves.

Negotiation follows no formal process and where no third party is involved results in an agreement if the parties involved reach it themselves.

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In mediation, the negotiation process is assisted by a neutral third party. Mediators do not make decisions about right or wrong or the best outcome but facilitate and steer the negotiation process.


An advantage is that the parties have significant control over the end result with the decision-making power remaining in their hands.

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Arbitration is a process in which the parties to a dispute present the facts of their case to a neutral third party to make a determination on that dispute.


The third-party arbitrator is ordinarily a recognised expert in the specific field of the dispute and their decision may be registered with a court for enforcement.

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The most common form of dispute resolution, parties submit their case to a judge or a magistrate. Litigation is a time-consuming and often-costly process can be confusing for those involved, even with the advice of lawyers.


This process leaves disputing parties with the least amount of control and should be a last resort.

About Philip Crawford

Philip is a highly experienced mediator with a proven track record of assisting parties settle a wide range of disputes, including those involving complex financial issues.

He has more than 30 years’ experience in the law – Philip was Chairman of Partners at Sydney law firm Henry Davis York until October 2015. He retired from the partnership of Henry Davis York on 30 June 2016.

During his long career Philip has developed a reputation as a leading lawyer in litigation, banking and insolvency, working for Australia’s top financial institutions.

He is regarded as an expert in alternative dispute resolution and resolved some of this county’s most complex legal cases.

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