Fast Tracking Settlements

As the queues building in Federal Circuit Court and Family Court continue to grow, the role mediation plays in dispute resolution is more important than ever.

Nowhere is this more financially and emotionally evident than in family law matters.

With a waiting list of up to three years for matters to be heard, the highly-emotive and often financially-critical matters of family law can become even more volatile during the time it takes to reach a judgement.

While it is important to take some time up-front in every dispute to work out what are the actual issues and sticking points, once that process has taken place mediation can bring even the most complex property settlement issues to a resolution in a matter of weeks rather than years.

Not only does the avenue of mediation offer a more streamlined approach to issue resolution, its inbuilt efficiencies create a positive cycle where results can be achieved without years of emotional and financial cost.
This time-to-resolution factor becomes self-fulfilling; as matters can be dealt with more quickly and the parties can reap the benefits of not partaking in a drawn-out dispute, they are more likely to do so.

The benefits to the court system are immense.

With the Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court, John Pascoe, the Law Council and many prominent family lawyers on record stating that courts are struggling to keep up with their caseload – with some busy courts operating with half the number of judges they once did – mediation is the shot-in-the-arm that’s sorely needed.

About the author

Philip Crawford is one of Sydneys most recognised Mediators & Negotiators in the legal industry.

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